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Marching music for the Michigan Primary — Legends, U of M, MSU, Rockford, and DeWitt

I announced today's post yesterday.
I've already decided to post this year's version of Marching music for the Michigan, Washington, Mississippi, and Democrats Abroad primaries focusing on my adopted home state of Michigan, which has the date all to itself, thanks to Democrats rearranging the dates of their primaries and caucuses to make them more representative. I guess that counts as reality through my idiosyncratic lens. Now off to select the videos to watch and listen to while waiting for the results!
Since I emphasize competitive drum corps in this series, I begin with what was Michigan's only competitive drum corps, Legends | #dci2022 | May Your Light Shine Forever from Drum Corps International (DCI).

Kalamazoo, Michigan's Legends perform a segment from the corps' #DCI2022 production, "May Your Light Shine Forever," during the 2022 DCI World Championships hosted August 12-14 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
That's the official upload. Drum Corps Library uploaded the complete show, which pays tribute to three adults who worked with the corps and were lost during the pandemic.

As the title and description of the DCI video explaining the show say, "'Three special people'...Legends' emotional 2022 production, 'May Your Light Shine Forever,' honors three individuals from the Legends community who passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic." May the same be said about Legends, who did not field a corps last year and apparently won't field a corps this year, as they are not included among the List of Drum Corps International member corps. Sigh. Legends are already missed.

I like transitions and connections and I have one for this post from DCI, From Boston to "The Big House:" Crusaders Trumpet Excels as Michigan Drum Major.

Boston Crusaders member Blake Brdak has made incredible memories on the DCI Tour and as the 58th drum major of the University of Michigan Marching Band.
Read more at DCI's website. By the way, Blake should look familiar, as he led the band in the final video I featured in Some of my favorite bands at the 2024 Rose Parade for New Year's Day.

Follow over the jump for four featured marching bands from Michigan.

I'm continuing with the University of Michigan Marching Band with two performances at the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl beginning with University of Michigan Marching Band - 2024 Pasadena Rose Parade Luis of Music213.

From Ann Arbor, Michigan, The University of Michigan Marching Band performing at the 135th Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on Monday, January 1, 2024.
As an alum, I say "Hail to The Victors!" I can say that for at least one of the winners of today's primary. The other I told to go away when one of his ads showed up played before a video I showed my class. I hit "skip" as soon as it appeared.

Next, "Believe" (HC) - January 1, 2024 - Michigan vs Alabama - Michigan Marching Band.

Eleanor Rigby - written by Lennon-McCartney, performed by The Beatles and Cody Fry
Act IV: Scène and Scène finale from “Swan Lake” - composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Music from Ted Lasso - composed by Marcus Mumford and Tom Howe

Musical Arrangements by Scott Boerma, Richard Frey, and Chuck Ricotta
Flag Choreography by Joan Noble-Pruett
Drill by Richard Frey
My wife and I are finally watching Ted Lasso and enjoying it, so I appreciate it being Jim Harbaugh's favorite. We "believe." I'm sure all the remaining candidates believe, too.

Alabama's Million Dollar Band is lining up for their performance near the end of the video. I'm planning on including them and their rival Auburn in part one of a marching music Super Tuesday on Marching Music Day, when I feature the corps and bands from Super Tuesday states east of the Mississippi. I'll get to the states west of the Mississippi on Super Tuesday proper.

In fairness, I'm also sharing Spartan Marching Band: Halftime | 10.21.2023 - MSU vs. Michigan.

This may be the first rock show I'm featuring today, but it won't be the last. Keep reading, watching, and listening to the end to see that. Until then, I'm going back ten years for Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band - 2014 Pasadena Rose Parade from Luis at Music213.

From East Lansing, Michigan Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band performing at the 125th Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on Wednesday, January 1st 2014.

MSU vs. Stanford at 100th Rose Bowl Game.
Results: 24-20 - MSU wins!
While I went to U of M, I didn't grow up in Michigan, so I don't dislike MSU and feel comfortable yelling "Go State!" That is, if they're not playing Michigan. Then it's "Go Blue!"

I'm continuing with Luis of Music213's videos by sharing Rockford High School Marching Band - 2023 Pasadena Bandfest.

From Rockford, Michigan Rockford High School Marching Band performing their musical selections at the 42nd Annual Pasadena Tournament of Roses Bandfest at Pasadena City College on Saturday, December 31, 2022.
Rockford was the best high school band in Michigan in 2022 and the winner of its class in 2023, so I'm glad they made it to the Rose Parade and were able to perform their show, despite the weather. That reminds me of my observation I first wrote in Marching music for the Nebraska Primary.
Seeing this pair of videos reminds me of my experience growing up in southern California that it could be cold, rainy, and windy the week before the Rose Parade, but as soon as New Year's Day dawns, the skies will clear and the sun will shine. It's as if the Southland knows the cameras will be on it and it responds with "it's showtime!" It almost never fails.
And it worked like a charm. Watch Rockford High School Marching Band - 2023 Pasadena Rose Parade. Perfect weather!

From Rockford, Michigan Rockford High School Marching Band performing their musical selections at the 134th Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on Monday, January 2, 2023.
Hah, they're playing the "Captain America March" from Captain America: The First Avenger! That's a good selection for today.

I promised another rock show today, so I close with DeWitt High School Marching Band - Enter Sandman...Metallica: For Whom The Band Tolls..

DeWitt High School Marching Band playing Metallica's Enter Sandman for the 2023 Metallica For Whom The Band Tolls Marching Band Competition. Thank you to Box 5 Productions for the videography!
Both the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones played Metallica halftime shows and both became finalists in the competition. DeWitt is the one finalist from Michigan, so of course I would include them. They also won their class at the state championships, beating Reeths-Puffer, which had won their class the year before. Congratulations to DeWitt on both achievements!

That concludes today's post. Now to vote!

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