Monday, June 24, 2024

John Oliver on UFOs for World UFO Day

Happy World UFO Day! I'm pulling a slightly fast one today, as I wrote yesterday "This concludes the string of holiday entries that began on Juneteenth. Stay tuned for an evergreen post that I can share in July." Change of plans with one more holiday post to add to the string. However, I can still share this on the second UFO Day in July, which is the one I usually observe. Without any further ado, watch John Oliver examine UFOs.

John Oliver explains why we need honest inquiry into UFO sightings, and why those inquiries should be data-driven, fact-based, and – crucially – boring as fuck.
When I wrote "UAPs are an ongoing subject of Congressional hearings and public interest, so I'm sure to return to the topic" last year, I didn't think I would do it through comedy. Surprise! Making the story funny makes it more likely that people will remember the information. That written, I agree the subject should be taken more seriously, to the point where most people would find them "boring as fuck." We might actually get closer to the truth.

Speaking of getting closer to the truth, I'm repeating what I wrote three years ago.
If many UAPs are secret weapons programs, especially foreign ones, that's a cause for concern.

John Michael Greer thinks that UAPs being secret weapons programs is the most likely possibility, stating so most recently in last month's Toward the Breaking Point. In fact, he thinks it's a cover story for U.S. weapons development. While I'm not sure about the cover story part, I do think secret weapons programs are a likely explanation for many sightings.
Reconnaissance flights aren't actually weapons, but as top secret military and intelligence projects, they come close enough.

I might return with another John Oliver video for tomorrow's post that I can share next month. Stay tuned.

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