Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Colbert, Klepper, and Kimmel come to comedic terms with Hunter Biden's conviction

Today is Loving Day, but since I don't know if I can top what I wrote two years ago, I'm not going to try. Instead, I'm looking for the silver lining of familial love in the very black cloud of the first story in Stephen Colbert's monologue last night, Pres. Biden Won't Pardon Hunter | Trump Goes After Taylor Swift | Martha-Ann Alito's Flag Fetish.

President Biden pledged to respect the judicial process after his son Hunter was convicted, the former president made creepy remarks about Taylor Swift's appearance, and the wife of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has a thing for flags.
Yes, President Biden both loves his son and recognizes his constitutional responsibility to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” Those are more than I have seen out of "Hoover Cleveland," my new nickname for Trump. Speaking of laws being faithfully executed, since I'm pro-gun-control, I can't be too upset about Hunter's conviction. There is at least one wrong way to buy a gun in America. I just wish it wasn't exploited for a partisan political purpose by people who are generally opposed to gun control. Hypocrisy!

Jordan Klepper covered some of the same ground on The Daily Show last night in Hunter Biden Convicted & Alito’s Wife Caught on Tape Talking Flags.

Jordan Klepper tackles the Hunter Biden guilty verdict, as well as Justice Samuel Alito's wife, Martha-Ann Alito, caught on tape planning to fight Pride flags with more flags. Plus, Michael Kosta reveals how Governor Kathy Hochul's decision to scrap New York congestion pricing might have had something to do with the "Diner Effect."
It's been nearly three weeks since I posted 'The Daily Show' and Stephen Colbert examine Justice Alito's flags and the controversy is still raging. People are still upset about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, January 6th, and the Supreme Court hearing Hoover Cleveland's immunity appeal and are taking it out on Alito and other Supreme Court Justices for them. My advice to Justice and Mrs. Alito is that they are in a hole and should stop digging, not that they will take it.

In place of Hoover Cleveland talking smack about Taylor Swift, to which I say good luck messing with Americans' entertainment, Klepper and Kosta are covering Governor Hochul's stopping congestion pricing. That's a subject that deserves another post. Maybe if or when CityNerd uploads a video about it.

My wife and I watched both of the above videos last night, but we didn't watch Jimmy Kimmel's monologue, Trump Rants About Shark Attacks, Jimmy Upsets Fox News & Hunter Biden Found Guilty on Three Counts, so I'm viewing it with fresh eyes.

The high profile trial of Hunter Biden ended badly for him as he was found guilty on all three counts, the Biden’s hosted a party at the White House in honor of Juneteenth, Donald Trump had a virtual meeting with the New York City Department of Probation, the Fox News crowd is upset that Jimmy is hosting an interview with Presidents Biden and Obama during a fundraiser here in LA, Dr. Phil interviewed Trump and mentioned a very familiar name, Fiberace was in Vegas this weekend where he said many incomprehensible things, including a diatribe about sharks, which made us think why not give the little ones a treat with an all Trump rendition of “Baby Shark.”
Kimmel now has Mondays off, which is why I featured Jimmy Fallon yesterday instead and why Kimmel is covering Hoover Cleveland's probation meeting, Dr. Phil's interview, and Las Vegas rally. That last deserved a "Baby Shark" parody, although I still think Hoover Cleveland sounds like Crazy Frog when he goes "bing, bing."

I close by returning to a subject Stephen mentioned in his monologue relating to Hoover Cleveland's conviction, Trump's Golf Courses Offer Alcohol Alternatives, last night's cold open.

Because nobody wants to golf sober.

Ugh, nightmare fuel! Also, this clip reminds me that tomorrow is National Golf Cart Day, but I'm not blogging about it. Instead, I've seen three references to Olive Garden this week, which I'm taking as a suggestion from the universe to showcase Company Man Mike's video explaining why Red Lobster's former sister restaurant, Olive Garden, is still a success. Stay tuned to see if I do.

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