Friday, June 21, 2024

PBS Eons explains 'Why The Giraffe Got Its Neck' for World Giraffe Day

Happy World Giraffe Day! For this year's observance, I'm pursuing a paleontological path in my participation with PBS Eons explaining Why The Giraffe Got Its Neck.

How and why the giraffe's neck emerged in the first place has been a mystery that generations of biologists have argued over – one that has made us reconsider our understanding of how evolution actually works over and over again.
I've been saving this video for today since I watched it last August, ten months ago. After all, I'm an environmentalist; I conserve my resources. Speaking of which, I've been meaning to show this to my students as an example of sexual selection, but I definitely forgot to do so this semester. Now that I've blogged about it, I might just remember. Welcome to blogging as professional development.

That's a wrap for today's holiday post. Stay tuned for World Rainforest Day and Souther on Detroit-Style Pizza Day.

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