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Wombats and pizza for Souther on Detroit-style Pizza Day and Pink Day

Happy Souther on National Detroit-Style Pizza Day! Since Souther shares its observances with other holidays, I begin with the one I have observed since the very first one three years ago. Watch CBS Detroit Celebrating National Detroit Style Pizza Day with Buddy's.

Buddy's Pizza is celebrating its 78th anniversary and National Detroit Style Pizza Day on June 23.
Since Buddy's and National Day Calendar declared National Detroit-Style Pizza Day in 2021, the variety of pie has become more popular. Watch Scripps News, formerly Newsy, ask Detroit Style Pizza: America's New Favorite? History, Recipe & Rise.

Scripps News reporter Ben Schamisso dives into the savory world of Detroit Style Pizza, a culinary marvel that's taking the nation by storm. Revealed by a recent Yelp survey, searches for Detroit-style pizza soared by 26% from 2022 to 2023, signaling its growing popularity among food enthusiasts.

Born in Buddy's Pizzeria, Detroit, in 1946, this distinct pizza variant is celebrated for its crunchy, cheese-laden edges and signature caramelized crust—a testament to its uniqueness. Uncover the rich history, the artful dough preparation process, and the reasons behind its triumph over traditional New York and Chicago pizzas. With its popularity surging by 26% in just the last year, Detroit Style Pizza is swiftly becoming a contender for America’s top pizza choice. Could it be your new favorite?
Talk about a successful marketing campaign! I even succumbed to it. Being a diabetic didn't stop me from buying a frozen Buddy's Pizza Friday and eating it that night for an early celebration. I just made sure to adjust my insulin dose accordingly.

Follow over the jump for today's celebration of Souther, the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Summer Solstice, a holiday created by John Michael Greer, who also designated the wombat as the animal mascot, and National Pink Day, another holiday that shares today.

As I wrote yesterday, "Wombats eating pizza instead of ice cream!" It was harder to find images of wombats eating pizza instead of ice cream, but I did find the t-shirt above. I also found Wombat's reviews: Pizza in a bag? Yes, it is a thing.

This is the one your friends have been talking about. From Super Snack Time, its "pizza in a bag- pepperoni jerky". This is those Epic Meal Time guys, now hit up the snack aisles. Lets do this.
No actual wombat eating pizza but a guy calling himself The Wombat eating a pizza-themed snack? I'll take that.

I'll also take the band The Wombats sharing a Food Adventure: Coney Dogs in Detroit [#GiveMeATry Series 9].

At least they tried one Detroit food, even if it's not a pizza!

Now for the other holiday this year's Souther shares, National Pink Day | June 23 from National Day Calendar.

Each year on June 23rd, National Pink Day colors the world in vibrant shades of pink and explores everything it represents.

First used as a color name in the late 17th century, pink is a pale red color that got its name from a flower of the same name.
According to surveys in both the United States and Europe with results indicating that the color pink combined with white or pale blue is most commonly associated with femininity, sensitivity, tenderness, childhood, and the romantic. Pink, when combined with violet or black, is associated with eroticism and seduction.

Historically Pink
Dating back to the 14th century, “to pink” (the verb) means “to decorate with a perforated or punched pattern.”

It would have been curious to find pink used in fabric or decor during the Middle Ages. Occasionally it was seen in women’s fashion and religious art, however. In the 13th and 14th centuries, artists sometimes portrayed the Christ child dressed in pink, the color associated with the body of Christ. Artists also primarily used pink for the flesh color of faces and hands during the Renaissance.

The Rococo Period (1720-1777) was the golden age for the color pink. Pastel colors became very fashionable in all the courts of Europe during this time. Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), the mistress of King Louis XV of France, was known for wearing the color pink, often combined with light blue. At one point, Ms. Pompadour had a particular tint of pink explicitly made for her.

Pink ribbons or decorations were worn by young boys in 19th century England. The men in England wore red uniforms, and since boys were considered small men, boys wore pink.

Pink became much bolder, brighter, and more assertive in the 20th century and in 1931, the color “Shocking Pink” was introduced.

As one of the most common colors of flowers, pink serves to attract the insects and birds that are necessary for pollination.
Normally I'd close out one of these posts with The Wombats singing "Ice Cream," but not today. Instead, I'm sharing LIZZO - Pink (From Barbie The Album) [Official Audio] in honor of Pink Day.

I embedded a different video of this song in 'Barbie' leads nominations in music for visual media at the Grammy Awards, so it should sound familiar. It also reminds me that Barbie won the Ray Bradbury Nebula Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation — congratulations! — and is nominated for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form at the Hugo Awards — good luck! That alone makes this entry worthy of being the Sunday entertainment feature.

This concludes the string of holiday entries that began on Juneteenth. Stay tuned for an evergreen post that I can share in July.

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