Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Austerity is on the ballot today

From WXYZ on YouTube.

People living in Dearborn will be going to the polls tomorrow to vote on a new millage.
Actually two millages, including one to support the city's libraries. As for that "report on the 6 PM news about Dearborn Heights," here it is, with bonus coverage of other communities' millage proposals.

Tomorrow [Today] is election day. Here is a look at a number of the issues some communities are facing.
Note that the major questions are millage proposals to maintain services in the face of declining home values. The voters can choose austerity for their communities, or keep their property taxes down. The choice is as simple as that.

The Detroit Free Press has a list of millage proposals being voted on today here. The town where I live has a millage renewal of a 1 mill tax for five years to fund trash, recycling and leaf pickup. Of course I'm voting for it. I'm pro-environment and anti-austerity.

There are also candidates on the ballot today for municipal offices, including the one in this final clip.

candidate convicted of a misdemeanor

I'm glad I won't see his name on the ballot I'll be casting today.

Finally, Detroit is voting on a change to the city's charter to change the city council from at-large representation to district representation. I hope doing so creates more local accountability for the residents.

And that's today's election report. See you all at the polls!

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