Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last night's election results

Time for a follow-up to yesterday's entry about austerity being on the ballot. Take it away WXYZ!

2011 Election results

In general, the electorate voted against austerity measures last night. That makes me happy.

There are more election results in the scroll across the bottom of this next video, which is a repackaged version of the second one I featured in Republican debate at Oakland University tonight. I didn't include in my follow-up about the debate because it added very little that was new to that particular subject.

GOP Debate at Oakland University

Most of the results displayed are for candidates, not issues, but they're still revealing. Most would be considered votes for the status quo and against austerity, but two stand out. Marian Meisner McClellan beat out Naftaly for Mayor of Oak Park. She came out in support of Julie Bass and her garden. For all I know, that might have been a deciding factor. That was a vote that was both against the status quo and for sustainability. On the other hand, Daniels won the mayor's race in Troy. That's a vote for austerity, as she's a founder of the Troy Tea Party.

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