Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paul Krugman in The Onion

Dr. Krugman was suitably amused by a parody of him in The Onion.

This Sure Is A Spooky Time For The Economy
Greetings…it's your favorite dead-itorial writer, Paul "Bearer" Krugman, here to talk to you again about some rather, shall we say, chilling developments in the national economy. Ah, yes, it is a very dark and stormy night indeed for our financial system, dear readers, the kind of night that sends shivers up one's spine and sends the national unemployment rate soaring to nearly 10 percent. So curl up under your covers, and keep the candlelight close, because I will now tell a tale of economic woe so terrifying it may just make your hair stand on end.

Remember when the economy was BOO-ming? When predatory lenders were sucking the blood of homeowners and confidence in the market was ghoulishly high? Little did we know about the creeping, malevolent spirit of fiduciary calamity that lurked in the dark shadows, ready to pop out and gut the $230 billion federal surplus reported by the Congressional Budget Office for fiscal year 2000. What poor, damned fools we were over the next decade to let our national balance sheet slip so far into the deep, bloody red! Now it seems our economy has been buried alive, and the day may never come when it will once again rise from the dead.

Or should I say rise from the debt?
I didn't leave any comments at The Onion, but I did leave the following in the comments to Krugman's post.
Someone already mentioned that you are more of a zombie killer than a vampire, so I'll take another tack. If The Onion really wanted to satirize you, they'd have portrayed you as Adrian Veidt AKA Ozymandius from Watchmen for your "Wag the Dalek" idea of preparing for a fake alien invasion to stimulate the economy. I guess that's too geeky for The Onion. We'll have to wait for Cracked to do it.
Time to post the image from Adrian Veidt on Occupy Wall Street.

Also, in response to someone suggesting that Dr. Krugman looks like "The Most Interesting Man in the World, I plugged this blog.
No the most interesting man in the world is Vladimir Putin. He may not look the part, but he sure acts it.

Vladimir Putin, the Most Interesting Man in the World
That comment actually made it through moderation.

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