Thursday, January 12, 2012

Governor Snyder interviewed at NAIAS

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was not the only important political figure to visit the auto show. Governor Rick Snyder also attended and was interviewed by WXYZ-TV.

Governor Rick Snyder speaks with Action News Anchor Stephen Clark at the North American International Auto Show.
Snyder talks a good game, but if he's so interested in doing what is good for business, including attracting the best talent, then why did he sign a bill that discriminated against LGBT partners of public-sector worker, which resulted in his getting sued? Not everything that the "pro-business party" does is good for business.

On another note, he sounds like he wants to cooperate with Mayor Bing regarding Detroit's financial situation, although he's being coy about something he should be claiming as a great success, the unexpected surplus in the state's budget. It's almost as if he's not happy about losing an excuse for austerity.

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