Saturday, January 21, 2012

Two pictures worth 1000 words about last year's weather

In yesterday's post, I linked to 2 more billion-dollar disasters added to 'extreme' 2011 at MSNBC. That article had two images that illustrated the points nicely.

First, a map showing the record 14 weather-related disasters that resulted in more than a billion dollars in losses and damages during 2011.

One of the two disasters added was Tropical Storm Lee, which I blogged about at least four times. I expect the damage described in those entries was included in the estimate.

The second is a map of all the localities that had annual records for precipitation, drought, heat, and cold last year.

Looks like Michigan and Ohio weren't alone in setting precipitation records last year. Localities in a swath from Arkansas to Vermont and Massachusetts set precipitation records. Nearly all of those weather stations were in areas hit by either Hurricane Irene or Tropical Storm Lee, and some were hit by both.

I know weather isn't climate, but with 2011 tying for the ninth warmest year on record, one has to wonder.

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