Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Post 500: (Nothing but) Flowers at TED

For my 500th post, I'm going to stick to the Nablopomo theme for April of Poem by posting another version of the theme song for this blog, "(Nothing but) Flowers." This version is a live version performed at TED in 2010. Backing up David Byrne is Thomas Dolby and the string quartet Ethel, who served as TED's house band that year.

Here's what the song's Wikipedia entry has to say about the lyrics.
The lyrics describe a world where modern progress has been reverted to a more natural state, due either to a political movement or by a necessity, such as dealing with overpopulation. While the protagonist may have once been in favor of the transformation, he finds himself now missing the modern conveniences and culture of the industrialized age.
I described both my love of the song and how the lyrics express my ambivalence about the transition to come as well, so instead I'll let David Byrne talk about the importance of lyrics.

Back to regular posting tomorrow.


  1. I just listed that song very much impressive me thanks a lot for sharing its.

    1. You're quite welcome. Glad to have helped you find it.