Wednesday, September 12, 2012 article on Michigan Supreme Court nominees

Michigan Democrats' "Three Supremes" at this spring's endorsement convention.

Four of five women nominated for Michigan Supreme Court share U of M ties
This past weekend, Michigan's Democrats and Republicans nominated four women for seats on the state's highest court. While they may be divided by ideology and party loyalty, all four nominees share a connection to Washtenaw County through their experiences at the University of Michigan, which three attended and the fourth teaches.

All three of the Democrats' nominees, who the party is marketing as "The Three Supremes," either attended the University of Michigan or currently teach there. Oakland County District Court Judge Shelia Johnson graduated from the University of Michigan Law School. Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Connie Kelley graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. before earning her law degree from Wayne State University. Bridget Mary McCormack currently serves as the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs at the University of Michigan Law School.

Republican nominee and Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Colleen O'Brian also went to the University of Michigan, earning a Bachelors degree before attending the Detroit College of Law.
I think I found a unique angle to report on the Michigan Supreme Court contest--five female candidates for three seats, and four of them have University of Michigan connections.

Two notes. First, the image above is not one of those illustrating my article; to see those, click on Five women are running for Michigan Supreme Court. Second, the fifth woman is Mindy Berry Barry,* the nominee of the U.S. Taxpayers Party. As you can guess, she didn't go to the University of Michigan, so she didn't get mentioned in the first three paragraphs.

*I didn't catch this mistake until today (10/24/12), when I decided to Google for 'Mindy Berry Michigan Supreme Court'--one of the top search terms for the past week or so--and found this entry to be the number one result.  For all of you who are looking for information on Mindy Barry (not Berry), click on the link to the article about the Taxpayer Party's nominees.  You'll find what you're looking for there.

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