Friday, December 14, 2012

Expanded concealed carry, really?

Last night, this happened.

WXYZ: Debate over concealed weapons bill

The Detroit Free Press elaborates in State House, Senate pass bill allowing guns to be carried in more places.
Changes to the concealed weapons law passed the state House and Senate late Thursday, allowing trained gun owners to carry their weapons in formerly forbidden places, such as schools, day care centers, stadiums and churches.

Schools, however, and privately owned facilities could opt out of the new law if they don't want people carrying guns in their buildings.
[O]pponents, including state Rep. Joan Bauer, D-Lansing, said the bill went too far.

"There are just some areas where guns should not be allowed," she said.
Like schools, such as the site of the Connecticut shooting: 20 kids among 27 dead in school massacre.  WXYZ has reactions here...

Obama addresses nation on Connecticut school shooting

And here.

Adam Lanza identified as gunman in Connecticut school shooting

While White House spokesman Jay Carney says 'today is not the day for "Washington policy debates,"' others think today is the day.

In the wake of a shooting at a Connecticut elementary school that left 26 dead, including 20 children, gun control advocates gathered near the White House in Washington. (Dec. 14)
I'm sure the demonstrators the Associated Press taped would think expanding concealed carry to schools is not the solution.

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