Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snyder vetoes expanded concealed carry, signs transit authority, and other good news

I don't have to worry about expanded concealed carry and neither does anyone else in Michigan.  To his credit, Governor Snyder vetoed it.  That's one less bad law to come out of the "Inflamed Duck" session.  Snyder also signed most of the measures I approve of, including transit and lighting authorities and the new downtown arena.
Calling today “an exciting day for Detroit, “ Gov. Rick Snyder signed a series of bills that will have big impacts on the Motor City and its suburbs.

The bills will create regional transit and Detroit lighting authorities and allow the city’s Downtown Development Authority to capture funds that can be used to help entertainment mogul Mike Ilitch with his proposed $650-million sports and entertainment complex. One also will allow Eastern Market to get funds to expand Shed 5 and its ability to help locally made food products.

“We don’t spend enough time celebrating success,” Snyder said. “Today is a day to celebrate success for both short-term recovery and long-term growth.”
I don't know if he signed "Kelsey's Law" yet, but all of this is good news.  Before I do, I'll add that the price of gas has dropped some more, as the corner station is selling regular for $3.15 and two stations where the city limits of Clawson, Royal Oak, and Troy meet list gas at $3.09.  Also, I'm done grading.  Take it away Professor Farnsworth!

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