Sunday, March 24, 2013

Second Year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News: Eastwooding

The second most viewed entry of 2012, at least according to the primary counter, is Old man yelling at chair accidentally reveals a deeper truth, which I posted on Aug 31, 2012. The primary counter, which the site uses to give the daily, weekly, monthly, and overall top ten at any time, says it has 386 page views. Not only is that good enough for second place for the second year, but it puts the entry in seventh place overall.* However, it still has no comments.

This entry took off like a rocket, as it had more than 100 page views the first day. In fact, it got 50 page views in the first hour or two. It looks like I got lucky and hit a hot topic/meme at just the right time.

I promoted the entry at Kunstler's blog, but that was after it had already gone viral. Instead, it did a much better job of describing what Clint Eastwood's monologue with a chair revealed.
I've blogged about the conventions already over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News. In particular, my entry about Eastwooding earned more page views than any other entry posted last month. It turns out that his stunt with the chair made a perfect metaphor for what the Republicans have been doing to Obama all along--engaging with the Obama of their imaginations, not the real person in the White House.
A few days later, I followed this post with National Review ironically reveals another deep truth about the current GOP, which described how what was intended to be another joke for internal consumption by the GOP faithful ended up revealing a lot more about them than it intended.
[P]eople who are supposed to be the messengers of the GOP are unintentionally showing the authoritarian reality behind the party's republican facade.
"Eye spy the GOP's authoritarian impulses on display."
By the way, that entry earned 203 views according to the secondary counter, enough to earn it 20th place among the entries from the second year of this blog. I credit that to good promotion, including at Kunstler's blog, where I got 436 page views from Zeitgeist Failure, the most from any of Kunstler's entries for all of 2012. That tide lifted another boat higher, though, and it will get an entry of its own later.

I finish with an ironic salute to the topic of the original post, Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz.

*The secondary counter lists it as having 441 views, which places it behind three other posts that never made the official top ten. Those entries will get a post or two of their own later on.

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