Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Harlem Shake on my YouTube feed

Just so I don't run the risk of missing the Harlem Shake craze before it's over, here are three videos from some of my regular sources performing this silly meme.  I begin with NASA, which is following up on NASA Johnson Style with NASA Wallops Harlem Shake.

So, you think you're having a nominal countdown and then all of a sudden...
HARLEM SHAKE: WALLOPS STYLE. — at Wallops Range Control Center.
Wallops is the suborbital launch facility in Virginia, which doesn't get much attention.  This should do it for them.

Next, Wayne State University posted this version with their mascot and a bunch of their students rocking out in Harlem Shake Wayne State Style.  Look for the Guy Fawkes mask.

We did it and we're proud. Go, Warriors!
Finally, Drum Corps International created a promotional video to the song using existing footage of drum corps before and after they start dancing and posted it as Harlem Shake - Drum Corps Style.

Expect more in this vein for the rest of the month, as tomorrow is Pi Day, the day after that is the Ides of March, Sunday is St. Patrick's Day, and Thursday after that is the second birthday of this blog, with days of retrospectives after that.   Hey, I can't be all doom all the time!

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