Friday, March 15, 2013

Gas price rollercoaster having a boring ride lately

Last month, I noted that the gas price rollercoaster had returned to $4.
I have seen gas at that price, although not nearby.  The corner station is still selling regular for $3.85, as are the three stations a few blocks away.  I should consider myself and my neighbors lucky.
Since then, prices went down, then stabilized.  On Tuesday, February 26th, prices had fallen to $3.79 at the local stations.  I didn't see the prices for a week, as I was on break and also recovering from surgery.  By the middle of last week, the price had fallen to $3.65, where it has remained since then.  As I wrote in the title, boring.  That's bad for a rollercoaster, but good for the economy and people's budgets.  May the prices stay there for a while.

While gas prices may be boring, there was other energy news that I found both exciting and positive: President Obama Speaks on American Energy.

President Obama discusses the need to continue investing in American-made energy to help create jobs while further reducing our dependence on oil, better protecting consumers from spikes in gas prices, and reducing pollution. March 15, 2013.
Music to my ears.

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