Friday, March 22, 2013

Second Year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News: Statistics

Time to start the cycle all over again. Just like I did a year ago, I'll start with the stats.

During the second year of this blog, from March 21, 2012, to March 20, 2013, I posted 493 entries, readers posted 129 comments, and the blog received 97,535 page views. In comparison, during the first year of this blog, I made 483 posts, readers posted 204 comments, and the blog received 47,808 page views. That means that with only ten more entries posted, an increase of only 2%, the blog managed to get 49,727 more page views, an increase of 104%. It also got 197.84 views per post and 8127.92 views/month, almost exactly double the 99 page views per post and more than double (204%) the 3984 views/month from last year. Considering that the blog has exceeded the average every month since October 2012 and is on pace to do so again, I feel that I am definitely building on my baseline from last year. Here's to the readership continuing to increase!

Like last year, the only stat I find disappointing is the number of comments. More people are reading, but fewer of them are commenting. Readers left 75 fewer comments this year than last year. That's 0.26 comments/post, 10.75 comments/month, and 0.0013 comments per page view. Those are all striking declines from last year's 0.42 comments per post, 17 comments per month, and 0.0043 comments per page view. I enjoy the increased readership, but wouldn't mind more reader participation, even if it means arguing with denialists. That would be a step up from spammers.

The next installment will begin the reverse countdown of most viewed posts from the past year. As for the number one entry, I'll give you this hint.

That would have been a more accurate prediction than what the groundhogs actually forecast.


  1. Does this count views through readers like Feedly?

    1. I have no idea. I'd have to ask Blogger support about it.

    2. I've found out the answer is yes, as I've seen Feedly listed among my traffic sources.