Monday, March 25, 2013

Second Year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News:

The third most viewed entry of the second year of this blog and eighth most viewed overall according to the primary counter is article on Michigan Supreme Court nominees posted on September 12, 2012. The primary counter shows it has 372 page views. The secondary counter lists it as having even more, 814.* Based on the alternative method, this entry would be the second most viewed of last year, not the third. This is one of the three entries I mentioned in the installment about Eastwooding that rank ahead of Old man yelling at chair accidentally reveals a deeper truth with 441 page views according to the backup counter that I promised would get posts of their own.

I can't attribute this article's success to my promotion of it at Kunstler's blog. There, I merely mentioned it in passing as one of "several entries about the election, including a couple promoting my writing at" Instead, it's because of Googling a misspelled search term followed by a mystery. As I wrote in an edited footnote to the entry:
*I didn't catch this mistake until today (10/24/12), when I decided to Google for 'Mindy Berry Michigan Supreme Court'--one of the top search terms for the past week or so--and found this entry to be the number one result. For all of you who are looking for information on Mindy Barry (not Berry), click on the link to the article about the Taxpayer Party's nominees. You'll find what you're looking for there.
People searching for "Mindy Berry" (sic) explains the first hundred or so page views. It doesn't seem to explain the next two hundred or so, all of which have come during the past month. I see no search terms that should lead to this article and no incoming links, either. As I wrote last year about the success of U.S.-China EcoPartnerships: The CoDominion plans for sustainability, mystery to me.

Two other articles promoting my writing at make the 20 most viewed of the second year of the blog according to the secondary counter, article on Free Press endorsements posted October 14, 2012, with 261 views, good for 13th place, and article on tax policy forum, posted September 17, 2012 with 211 views, enough for 18th place. The latter article I promoted in the same Kunstler blog post that I promoted the entry about the Michigan Supreme Court nominees, so it might have received some collateral views from that entry. The former was also promoted at Kunstler's blog, but again as an entry about the election that I wrote for In any event, I'm glad people found them, and I hope they led people to read the related articles on and used them to inform their votes.

I leave you all with this video about voting for Michigan Supreme Court justices that I included in article on Free Press endorsements, thus tying together that entry with article on Michigan Supreme Court nominees. It features the surviving cast of The West Wing and promotes the candidacy of Bridget Mary McCormack, the only Democratic nominee elected last November to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Walk and Talk the Vote - West Wing Reunion - Bridget Mary McCormack

The cast of the West Wing reunites to walk and talk about why it's important to vote on the nonpartisan section of the ballot -- and why Bridget Mary McCormack should be on the Michigan Supreme Court.
*It still mystifies me why the two ways of determining page views show such a discrepancy. For all I know, one may be showing unique page views, while the other lists all page views, including repeats. If so, I have no idea why so many people would read this entry so many times. Even more baffling, it also has no comments.

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