Monday, October 14, 2013

Another one for Narb

My buddy Narb decided to troll Marching band moment by doing his best Butt-Head impression.
Uh huh, uh huh. You know, like, one time in band camp...
You know, I was trying to avoid using that line.

Now that Narb has gone ahead, I've decided to respond in kind.  First, here's a marching band video that I missed last week, but caught this week and included in Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (2013 Nobel Prizes).  Better late than never!

University of Massachusetts: Minuteman Marching Band is ALL IN

Join Tim Anderson and the Minutemen Marching Band at Gillette Stadium for each UMass Amherst home football game.
Thank you, Narb, for giving me the opportunity.

Second, since he's in the mood for sexual innuendo, I have just the drink recipe for him, one that doesn't involve Jello.

How to make a Cum Shot - Tipsy Bartender

This shot has a horrible name but it tastes really good....THE CUM SHOT. It's a mix of rum chata and the super popular fireball whiskey. Let see if our German girl Sophia can handle this one!
Bottom's up, Narb!


  1. Narb thanks you for the shout out and for the charming videos! Innuendo indeed!

    Narb also recommends this short video:

    Very short, but disturbing in a way that could cause deep seated anxiety and an intense desire to learn the clarinet.

    1. I've seen that already. The AP picked it up and made a video of it. Just the same, thanks for finding the original.