Monday, October 28, 2013 article on Ann Arbor News endorsements

It's time to move from New Jersey election news to something more local.

Stephen Kunselman, here pictured with his daughters Sophia and Sabrina, earned the endorsement of the Ann Arbor News this week.
Ann Arbor News endorses city council candidates
This Sunday, the Ann Arbor News endorsed city council candidates in Wards 1, 2, and 3.

To represent Ward 1, the Ann Arbor News recommended Democratic incumbent Sabra Briere over independent challenger Jeff Hayner.  Mixed Use Party candidate Jaclyn Vresics is also on the ballot, but has suspended her campaign.

In the Ward 2 contest, the newspaper endorsed independent incumbent Jane Lumm over both her challengers, Democrat Kirk Westphal and Mixed Use Party candidate Conrad Brown.

Democratic incumbent Stephen Kunselman earned the paper's nod over challenger Sam DeVarti of the Mixed Use Party in Ward 3.
The Ann Arbor News went for experience every time, endorsing all of the incumbents in contested races.  This was true even in the close contest for Ward 2, where the paper felt that Westphal would do a good job, but endorsed Lumm anyway.

As for me, if I were living in Ward 2, I'd vote for Westphal, not just because I'm a Democrat and Lumm used to be a Republican, but because she voted against a study for a train station.  That's not a sustainable action, and it is the kind of thing that has earned my scorn before.  I didn't like it when it was Janice Daniels of Troy and I don't like it now that it's Jane Lumm of Ann Arbor.  Fortunately for Lumm, I don't live in Ann Arbor now and when I did, it was in Ward 3, not Ward 2.

Stay tuned for more election coverage.  I expect to have at least one more article about the elections in either Chelsea or Dexter.  If I'm really ambitious, I might interview the Mixed Use Party candidates.  After that, it will be time to report the results Tuesday night through Thursday night of next week.

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