Friday, October 11, 2013

Drink and drive with "The Walking Dead"

I'm starting to ease out of the "I can't be all doom all the time" mood I had this morning, so I'm looking at the lighter side of DOOM!  Right now, that's taking the form of featuring a pair of fan creations that help hype the beginning of the fourth season of "The Walking Dead."

First, the Typsy Bartender shows his viewers how to make a Walking Dead Cocktail - "Grave Denial".

This cocktail will leave you zombified...THE WALKING DEAD COCKTAIL. It's based on the TV show/comic book and it's loaded with alcohol. If you drink this you will pass out! It contains almost every liquor known to man!
There are more horror and science fiction drink recipes where that one came from.

Next, CNN Money features the winner of a fan contest to design a Hyundai for the zombie apocalypse.

Galpin Auto Sports has brought a Hyundai Santa Fe inspired by 'The Walking Dead' to life and equipped it with knives and machine guns to deal with the undead.
I've also joined the hype machine.  Monday, I left a comment about the show over at Kunstler's blog.  Here it is, reformatted and updated.
Al Jazeera America had a segment on The Stream Friday about Americans being “Obsessed with the Apocalypse.”  It documents how people at the grassroots level are starting to realize that things are falling apart and they are getting ready for whatever comes next. It’s bubbling up into entertainment shows, including reality shows such as “Doomsday Preppers,” scripted dramas such as “The Walking Dead,” and movies like “The Hunger Games.” The news, which is supposed to tell us about reality, is avoiding the reality, but entertainment, which is supposed to be about escapism, is confronting it. Go figure.
Speaking of the apocalypse, zombie or otherwise, here's a meme from Facebook: The government is shut down, the CDC is closed, and "The Walking Dead" begins Sunday. Coincidence?
I know where I'll be 9 PM Sunday--watching "The Walking Dead" with my wife.

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