Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Effects of the shutdown from local news

So the federal government shutdown is upon us.  How is that being covered in the local TV news?  I'll begin with WNWO, where the station's resident economic expert explains in What it means for Americans in possible government shutdown.

President and CEO of Great Lakes Credit Union David Seeger gives analysis of the market less than 24 hours of a government shutdown.
Once again, Seeger gives a valuable statistic--one week of shutdown takes 0.1% off the GPD for a quarter.  He also warns about the effects of a debt ceiling beach, which would be even worse.  Here's to hoping that doesn't happen.

WXYZ gets more concrete in Metro Detroit braces for impact of government shutdown.

Note that this report concentrates on how the shutdown affects national defense.  This is not good for our security.

Follow over the jump for more concrete examples from WNWO and WOOD-TV.

WNWO gives more examples in Shutdown furloughs 200 employees at the 180th Fighter Wing.

Workers were told they would be recalled when the government shutdown is resolved.
The WIC program has also been affected, although that got second billing to the effects on defense.

Speaking of WIC, WOOD-TV reports WIC funding cut as part of shutdown.

About 200,000 Michigan mothers, babies and children are being affected by the government shutdown.
These women are working, so talk of "laziness" is out of order.  These women are not "lazy."

WOOD-TV has more coverage, beginning with Shutdown impacts services in Kent County.

One organization that provides aid for Kent County residents is already being impacted.
Note that the reporter was live from the Gerald R. Ford Museum, which is closed, affecting Art Prize.

Two Top 10 ArtPrize entries will be moved outside. The rest of the entries will be locked in.
This is messing with people's entertainment.  In the grand scheme of things, it's minor, but it will piss people off.

Speaking of messing with people's entertainment and health, the Shutdown may stop cancer survivor's walk because the national parks are closed.

Randy Herlein didn't let cancer get in his way. He hopes Congress won't stop him now.
I'll have more coverage as the story unfolds, unless the shutdown ends first.  Here's to hoping that happens.

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