Wednesday, July 9, 2014

May Pazuzu curse the Sith Jihad

I concluded Prices continue floating down over 4th of July by writing I'd have more to say later about ISIS, the Sith Jihad.  It's later.  Take it away, Daily Telegraph!

Iraq's 'Exorcist' temple falls into Isis jihadist hands
Ancient pre-Christian temple in northern Iraq featured in film The Exorcist at risk of destruction by Isis jihadists
By Colin Freeman, Baghdad
An ancient temple made famous in the film The Exorcist has fallen into the hands of the Islamic militants who have taken over northern Iraq, the Telegraph has learnt.

The pre-Christian worship complex at Hatra, a vast network of 200-ft high sun-god temples that is a Unesco world heritage site, features in the opening sequence of the 1973 horror classic.
Director William Friedkin filmed in Hatra for the first scene in The Exorcist, in which a priest at an archaeology dig unearths an ancient talisman belonging to Pazuzu, an ancient Mesopotamian demon. A child bogeymen in Mesopotamian folklore, Pazuzu is said to be alerted whenever his talismans are disturbed or touched, and in The Exorcist he goes to possess a young American girl.
Should ISIS deface the temple, may Pazuzu curse the Sith Jihad.

"The Exorcist" isn't the only item of popular culture in which Pazuzu appears.  He also makes a cameo in Rockit by Gorillaz.

If I ever need a new theme song, I could use this one.  I might find "blah, blah, blah, collapse" useful some day.


  1. Such terrible destruction happening right at the moment in various countries. I read this morning about Syria's ancient treasures being bombed. It's shocking that none of us can do a thing to stop the devistation. Visiting from NaBlo ...

    1. Yes, it's sad and outrageous, which is why I include stories like this in "Science Crime Scenes" at Daily Kos first before posting them here. Art treasures and archeological sites have been at risk ever since the Arab Spring began.

      Also, thanks for coming over here from NaBloPoMo. I think you're one of the first people, if not the very first, to comment here from there if I hadn't already commented at their blog before.