Thursday, July 10, 2014

Another prediction comes true early

Just like the time before, the prediction I made in Prices continue floating down over 4th of July came true early.
Detroit's average has fallen even more steeply from $3.86 to $3.79.  A local price drop to $3.69 by the end of this week or the start of next week is not out of the question.
Yesterday morning, the three stations down the block had lowered their price for regular to $3.72.  They then dropped it to the predicted target of $3.69 this morning.  By this afternoon, the corner station, which had been holding out at $3.75 until this morning, matched the rest at $3.69. That's a day earlier than I had expected my forecast would have panned out.

Gas is no longer more expensive year-over-year, as it now matches the the $3.69 all of them were selling gas for exactly a year ago today.  In fact, so long as the stations don't raise their prices, they'll be a dime lower than the $3.79 gas was selling for a year ago this coming Saturday.  That's when I'll be tempted to break out Professor Farnsworth, although I should hold out for the next price drop.

Speaking of which, I expect prices will continue to decline, as GasBuddy shows the  national average continuing to go down to $3.63 from $3.64, the Detroit average has continued falling past $3.79 to $3.77, and West Texas Intermediate crude oil has dropped about $3.50 from ~$105.60 on July 1st to a little over $102.00 today.  How low they'll go next week I'm not saying today.  I'm just savoring my success right now.

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