Friday, November 27, 2015

WXYZ on saving Detroit's Thanksgiving parade

While I've been blogging about the Macy's Parade, Detroit held its own Thanksgiving parade.  I've written about it and the fireworks show as examples of how "People want their entertainment, especially if it comes in the form of an annual civic ritual to celebrate the seasons" and that "the fireworks and parade will continue" as "the entertainment people demand will go on."  That's been true for as long as I've lived in Michigan.  WXYZ has the story of the parade being rescued in 1990 in Looking back at saving the Thanksgiving parade.

We're looking back at how the owner of Art Van Furniture saved the Thanksgiving Parade.
After 25 years, I'd forgotten that story.  It was worth hearing about it again.

Follow over the jump for WXYZ and WDIV on this year's parade.

WXYZ put the parade in the context of Detroit's recovery from bankruptcy in America's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The parade figured prominently, along with the Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Day game, in Thanksgiving Day traditions in Detroit.

Fans were out in full force for America's Thanksgiving Day Parade and tailgating for the Lions game for Detroit's Thanksgiving day traditions.
I'm not done with the parade.  Two years ago, I posted Detroit Thanksgiving Parade--Battle of the Bands.  WDIV is running that viewer participation feature again this year: 2015 Battle of the Bands.  Links to videos of all the bands' performances as well as a voting page are there.  I haven't voted yet, but my favorite band, if not best performance, is Southgate Anderson.  They were among my favorite bands to evaluate when I was a marching band judge because of their ability to entertain the audience, even if they weren't the absolute best players and marchers.  Not everything has to be superior; sometimes it just has to be good fun.

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