Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Courser and Gamrat lose primaries for lost seats articles on city council and millage elections concluded with a programming note.
I'm not done with 2015 elections.  I have a little dancing on political graves to do before I return to coverage of the 2016 presidential contest.
I begin with the news.  WXYZ has the honors of going first with Former Reps. Todd Courser, Cindy Gamrat lose bids for re-election.

They made national headlines when they tried to cover up their affair at the state capitol, and now, former State Reps. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat will not be heading back to Lansing.
WOOD-TV has a more detailed report in Courser, Gamrat lose bids for old House seats.

Two Michigan lawmakers who were forced from office over an extramarital affair and a convoluted cover-up scheme lost longshot bids Tuesday to win back their seats (Nov. 3, 2015).
After all that, I actually feel sorry for Gamrat.  I wish her well in whatever she does as long as it isn't politics.  Courser, on the hand, I have no sympathy for at all.  God may have a plan for him, but it may come as an unpleasant surprise.

Finally, I'd like to say that it looks like the story that I began with Quatloos for "dinghy lovebirds" Gamrat and Courser and continued through First Courser and Gamrat, now Kelly and Mack, which is getting a lot of attention in the wake of last night's results, John Oliver on Courser and Gamrat, and Gamrat expelled, Courser resigns has come to a close, but that would be premature.  There is still the ABC 20/20 report to come as well as an investigation by the Michigan State Police and Attorney General.  Those might be worth following up on.  Stay tuned. 


  1. Well, at least Repugnican voters won't cast their ballot for EVERY scumball. (David Vitter and uncountable others who I can't be bothered to remember excluded.) The hypocrisy of these sneaking sleazes is bad enough, but when it comes on top of the typical Republikkkan sanctimony about how they're the party of morality, it's hyp-squared. You think that if Courser and Garmat were running against people with a "D" after their names in a general election, not a primary where rusted-on Repubs had choices from within the faction, that the result would have been different?

    1. These two had been thorns in the side of the Michigan Republican Establishment for years. The party was happy to have an opportunity to run them out of office. And, yes, the hypocrisy was overwhelming.

      As for whether they'd have been trounced in a general election against a Democrat, maybe one of them might have. Courser's district is on the swingy side, so he'd have been in trouble next year anyway. Gamrat's is very Republican. She might have hung on.