Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lionfish: Student Sustainability Video Festival 61

As I promised yesterday, this will be the final installment for this semester of this series.  Today, I'm sharing National Geographic's Divers Fight the Invasive Lionfish.

The lionfish is invading Florida's coastal waters, harming native wildlife and habitat. This non-native species has venomous spines, lacks natural predators, and is able to reproduce quickly, which allows it to dominate other fish species that compete for resources. Divers are helping researchers catch the fish to learn more about its biology and develop ways to control the population.
I have to go back to episode 10 about Asian carp in 2013 and before that episode 4 on biodiversity from 2012 to find installments that feature invasive species.  As for what to do about lionfish, it's the same as for Asian carp; if you can't beat them, eat them--but that's a topic for another time.

With that, Crazy Eddie's Motie News will return to its regular programming, which this year will likely be about the presidential election.

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