Friday, August 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton rebuts Trump in Warren, Michigan

I concluded Trump greeted by protestors in Detroit with "Speaking of presidential candidates visiting Detroit, Hillary Clinton will be here later today.  Expect me to cover her appearances as well."

CNN covered Clinton in Warren, Michigan, and used the headline Clinton counters Trump in Michigan.

Hillary Clinton speaks in Michigan drawing a contrast between her economic vision and proposals outlined by Donald Trump.
I'm not sure I'd use the line that 'third-world countries don't build rockets' as China has landed a moon rover and India sent a probe to Mars, but calling the two most populous countries on the planet, one with the second largest economy and the other with the seventh largest, "third-world" makes the term almost useless; both countries are becoming quite developed.  Besides, it played well with the crowd, as it fits Americans self-image and perception, however inaccurate, of the rest of the world.

Clinton continued her attack, saying Trump's trade approach is based on fear.

Hillary Clinton criticizes Donald Trump's position on trade during a speech on the economy in Detroit.
Clinton is exploiting the difference in perception of America between the parties, with the Republicans emphasizing the country's negatives while Democrats are mocking them for their pessimism.

WXYZ always has good reaction shorts and they lived up to their reputation in Hillary Clinton in Warren.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton appeared in Warren for an economic speech and to attack Donald Trump.
The audience inside the venue was very positive, while the protesters outside were much fewer than for Trump in Detroit on Monday.  I take that as another sign that the Republicans are less organized this year than the Democrats.

This week, I reported on both the Republicans and the Democrats.  Two months ago, I covered the Libertarians.  Tomorrow, I will give the Green Party its due.  Stay tuned.

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