Wednesday, August 17, 2016

July 2016 hottest month on record yet

New Scientist has the summary in July was the hottest month in history.

NASA's records show that Earth's temperature was hotter than it has been since measurements began.
USA Today has more details.
July was 1.51 degrees higher than average. The previous record-holder for hottest month was July 2011.

July's record-breaking heat follows a wave of shattered records this year — the first six months of the year have been the warmest half-year on record.
Phil Plait at Slate noted how long the record-breaking streak has gone on, writing "For the sixth seventh eighth ninth 10th month in a row, we’ve had a month that has broken the global high temperature record."  As my readers can see, the streak has continued since April.

USA Today reported records for the U.S., too.
July was yet another hotter-than-average month across the U.S., and folks in New Mexico and Florida were really feeling the heat.

Both states had their hottest July on record, and overall, it was Florida's second-hottest month ever. The Sunshine State's all-time hottest month was June 1998.

With a nationwide average temperature of 75.3 degrees, July was the USA's 14th-warmest July on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.
For the year to date, the nation is seeing its third-warmest year on record. Every state is warmer-than-average so far this year, with Alaska record warm.
Yesterday, I wrote that I'd post another retrospective unless I got distracted by a shiny object.  I must say this is quite the shiny object!  That written, expect the retrospective series to continue tomorrow with January 2016's stats.  Stay tuned.

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