Thursday, August 4, 2016

Snow Leopards: Student Sustainability Video Festival 55

It's final exam time, which means it's time to return to my old standby for the end of the semester, the student sustainability video festival.  Last time, I used only one video, Air pollution from everyday items: Student Sustainability Video Festival 53.*  That means I have a big backlog from that semester to go through.  I'll begin with two about snow leopards.

First, Rare Snow Leopards of Asia.

Rare Snow Leopards of Asia. Snow leopards are one of the most beautiful of the big cats. They have incredible adaptations to survive in high altitude rocky regions. Take a step into the snow leopards world to find out about these stunning creatures.
Next, How high can a snow leopard jump?

Seneca Park Zoo's male snow leopard Kaba exhibits a pretty cool skill in the video above. Found in the high, rugged mountains of Central Asia, snow leopards are tremendous leapers, using their long tails for balance. Pretty impressive, no?

Stay tuned for more installments.

*It was really 54, as I used 47 twice, first for snow monkeys and again for Self-driving cars--fantasy and reality and didn't catch myself until later.  Time to correct the error, which is why today's installment is 55.

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