Sunday, August 29, 2021

The legacy of Hurricane Katrina on the storm's 16th anniversary from 'Closed for Storm'

When I told my readers "Stay tuned for the last Sunday entertainment feature of August," I was already planning on revisiting The history of Six Flags New Orleans on the 14th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and 'Closed for Storm' — the story of Six Flags New Orleans on the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina for the 16th anniversary of the storm's landfall in Louisiana. With Hurricane Ida bearing down on Louisiana as I type, this subject has even more salience. Watch The Legacy of Hurricane Katrina an excerpt from the Factual America Podcast about the documentary "Closed for Storm."

"Closed For Storm" is a documentary about a theme park left for ruin in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago.
"Closed For Storm" shows Six Flags New Orleans in its glory days and current state of abject dereliction.

Along the way, the film also captures the broken dreams and fleeting aspirations of a community still looking for hope.
That clip describes how Six Flags New Orleans serves as a monument of sorts to the storm and places its demise in perspective, both at the time and today. To see the park then and now, watch Closed For Storm - Behind The Scenes | NOW AVAILABLE from Bright Sun Films.

Closed For Storm is now available on all major video on demand platforms!
From Jake ~
Well, it's been 2 and a half years since I started this project and we're finally at the finish line. I just want to say thank you to all who have patiently been waiting for Closed For Storm to come out. I absolutely understand that the process of getting this movie out has been long and well beyond my expectations. But regardless, we are here and after a lot of very hard work from everyone who has been involved with it, here it is. Thank you so much for watching.

Synopsis ~
15 years after Hurricane Katrina sits a lasting monument of the devastation. Six Flags New Orleans is currently sitting abandoned, rotting away in the Louisiana swamp. Closed for Storm explores the past, present, and future, to find out how this incredible theme park became frozen in time and left in an endless void of uncertainty. This is the first feature length documentary from Bright Sun Films and the directorial debut for Jake Williams.
On the one hand, seeing the flooded park 16 years ago and how it looked nearly 14 years later in 2019 makes the verbal descriptions pale in comparison. On the other, that's such an effective testimonial and promotion about the movie that I'm looking forward to watching it, most likely on Amazon, as I don't use Google Play and don't have Apple iTunes.

I close by being a good environmentalist and recycling what I wrote last year: "[I]t's worth looking back at the devastation from Hurricane Katrina, some of which is still visible 15 years later, and contemplate how business and government made things worse." I hope Ida isn't about to leave such a long-lasting legacy of loss.

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