Monday, August 23, 2021

SciShow says 'There’s Hope in the Latest Climate Report'

Last Friday, SciShow uploaded its take on the IPCC report that warned 'code red for humanity', There’s Hope in the Latest Climate Report.

We recently got an important update from the IPCC, the definitive source on the climate crisis. And while there's not a ton of good news, there are some bits of hope if we can ramp up our actions now.
As a Crazy Eddie, that there's hope appeals to me. After all, if we're all doomed, why do anything? If we can still do something to at least prevent the worst, then we should do it. It helps that the Montreal Protocol not only serves as a good example of international action to halt and reverse ozone depletion, but also as an action that had an unexpected effect by counteracting the rise in carbon dioxide concentrations. That looks like a positive instance of one of Commoner's Laws, "everything is connected to every thing else," making this a story I can tell my students. Welcome to blogging as professional development.

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