Monday, August 2, 2021

Eviction crisis looms after eviction moratorium expires, a pandemic update

I passed along warnings of an eviction crisis last year from John Oliver and CNBC. Fortunately, the CDC forestalled it by issuing an eviction moratorium, but that expired Saturday night after Congress failed to extend it. KPIX CBS SF Bay Area reported on the result in Housing Crisis Looms for Millions of Renters as U.S. Eviction Moratorium Ends.

The end of the federal moratorium means evictions could begin Monday, leading to a years’ worth of evictions over several weeks and ushering in the worst housing crisis since the Great Recession.
While California still has a state eviction moratorium, other states do not. One of those is Wisconsin, where TMJ4 News in Milwaukee reported Evictions expected to spike as federal moratorium ends.

Housing courts around the country are expected to get busy starting Monday after the federal eviction moratorium lifted over the weekend.
Both segments discussed what help is available to renters and how to access it. Here in Michigan, WXYZ described what its viewers can do for themselves in Staying On Top Of Rent Payments.

Here's to hoping that the aid money already allocated but not spent prevents or delays enough most of the evictions so that they don't make the pandemic, which is already bad, even worse. That's the last thing we need.

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