Wednesday, August 18, 2021

SciShow asks 'Will climate change coffee?'

One year ago, I posted Vox describes how climate change is brewing a crisis for coffee growing. I'm revisiting the topic of climate change affecting food production with SciShow asking Is Coffee Disappearing... or Will It Just Taste Different?

Many of us rely on a morning cup of coffee, or several morning cups of coffee, to get us going. But climate change has the potential to shift not only where and how we grow coffee, but whether it can be grown at all.
For my reaction, I'm recycling what I wrote last year.
As a coffee lover and [former] officer of Coffee Party USA, I'm concerned that it will be harder to drink my favorite hot beverage. As an educator, it works as another example for two of Commoner's Laws: Everything is connected to everything else and there is no free lunch. In this case, I mean the latter literally.

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