Saturday, April 29, 2023

Seth Meyers takes more closer looks at Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News

The story of Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News continued to develop this week while I looked at an amendment to Florida's 'resign to run' law and Disney suing DeSantis followed by celebrating Arbor Day and Superhero Day. Seth Meyers and his writers examined the story twice, beginning with Fox Allegedly Has a Secret Dossier of Dirt On Tucker Carlson Amid Messy Split: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at reports of Fox News' dossier of alleged dirt on Tucker Carlson amid its messy separation from the recently ousted host.
The top two comments quoted key lines of the skit: "Whenever something major happens involving Fox News, the last people to find out about it are the people who watch Fox News" and "If you're an employer collecting dirt on an employee but you're not doing anything about it unless you need it for revenge, that speaks badly of them and of you." Exactly.

Seth followed up the next night with Tucker Carlson Posts Cryptic Video Amid Reports He Was Axed Over Texts: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at Tucker Carlson's messy exit from Fox News as more revelations and speculation about what led to his ouster emerge.
Looks like we still don't really know why Fox News fired Tucker and this won't be the last we'll hear from him. If his non-compete clause allows it, he might go to Newsmax and have a lot of his audience follow him. If so, it might be time for a Newsmax label. Stay tuned.

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