Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The first National Detroit-Style Pizza Day

Happy inaugural National Detroit-Style Pizza Day!
On June 23rd, join the celebration born in the birthplace of the American Automobile and Motown. National Detroit-Style Pizza Day recognizes the square-cut pizza style first served at Buddy’s Pizza in 1946 in the city that also gave us Madonna, the Mustang, and the first paved road. And Detroit-Style Pizza is arguably Detroit’s greatest contribution!

What makes it Detroit-Style? It starts with the crust – deep and thick in composition and yet light and airy in taste. The steel square pans (borrowed from the auto industry) give it a unique shape and one-of-a-kind flavor. Authentic Detroit-Style Pizzas layer the toppings backward, meaning they lay the gourmet pepperoni directly on the hand-stretched dough. Next comes a generous layer of Wisconsin Brick Cheese, spread all the way to the edges of the pan. The resulting caramelized cheese creates an incredibly crisp crust. Finally, racing stripes of tomato sauce finish the top.

Detroit-Style Pizza has grown beyond Buddy’s into a nationwide phenomenon that you can find from Brooklyn to Denver to Los Angeles.
Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit, Michigan, founded National Detroit-Style Pizza Day to celebrate the pizza category’s 75th anniversary in 2021. In 1946, at a restaurant called Buddy’s Rendezvous, a delicious deep-dish Sicilian-style pizza baked in blue steel automotive drip pans was born. Today, Buddy’s Pizza keeps the flavor and tradition alive by making the same one-of-a-kind square pizza. For generations, they’ve been building their square pizzas from the bottom up. Discover what makes them so special in the Motor City.

In 2021, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Detroit-Style Pizza Day to be observed annually on June 23rd.
I couldn't resist celebrating a fake food holiday about Detroit. Neither could WDIV, which uploaded Buddy's Pizza celebrating 75 years with first-ever National Detroit-Style Pizza Day this morning.

Follow over the jump for the complete segment from Live in the D and more about Buddy's Pizza and the Detroit Zoo.

WDIV previewed today's celebration in yesterday's Take Out Tuesday Buddy's Pizza - Detroit Style Pizza Day on Live in the D.

The Detroit Free Press named the charities receiving donations from Buddy's today: Community Housing Network in metro Detroit, Haven House in East Lansing and Housing Resources in Kalamazoo. Also, it looks like Jason Carr and I live near each other, as the Farmington Hills Buddy's is also the one closest to me. Hi, neighbor!

CBS Detroit described the pizza Buddy's baked for the zoo animals in Buddy's Pizza Celebrates 75th Anniversary With Donations To Detroit Zoo.

Detroit-staple Buddy's Pizza is celebrating its 75th anniversary with some special pizza. This time, it's not for humans.
I looked for more details about Buddy's donations, but couldn't find them. I guess the pizzas for the bears, foxes, and wolves were the donations. Still, charity for animals and people makes today a more serious and positive occasion than a mere exercise in public relations. For that reason alone, I approve.

Stay tuned to see if I actually observe World UFO Day tomorrow. There is certainly enough material!

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