Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas 2021 with songs from Broken Peach and a drink from Tipsy Bartender!

Merry Christmas with songs from Broken Peach and a drink from Tipsy Bartender! I begin with this year's holiday selection, Broken Peach - Let It Snow (Christmas Special).

"Let It Snow" a song written by lyricist Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne in July 1945. It was written in Hollywood, California during a heat wave as Cahn and Styne imagined cooler conditions. Despite the lyrics making no mention of any holiday, the song has come to be regarded as a Christmas song worldwide due to its winter theme, being played on radio stations during the Christmas and holiday season, and having often been covered by various artists on Christmas-themed albums.
This is a new song for the band from Vigo, Galicia, Spain. I'm also glad to see them return to wearing seasonal outfits for the holiday like they do for Halloween.

Next, a concert performance of the band's biggest holiday hits in last year's Broken Peach - Christmas Special Live.

Broken Peach released six of the seven songs as individual videos earlier this year and I was tempted to embed all of them. I'm happier to just embed this one video instead.

It wouldn't be a major holiday post of mine without a drink recipe video, so I'm sharing Sangria Snow Cones from Tipsy Bartender.

What?! It's a wine snow cone!

This is more of a summer concoction than a winter one, but it combines sangria with snow, so I'm using it.

I conclude with a Christmas greeting in Galician, since Broken Peach is from Galicia.

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