Saturday, December 24, 2011

Perry fails to make VA GOP primary ballot

AP via Washington Post: GOP: Perry fails to make Va. primary ballot; Gingrich’s fate unclear as signatures verified

Since I don't quote AP stories if I don't have to, I'll just summarize. Romney and Paul are the only candidates that have made the ballot so far. Perry and Gingrich turned in 11,000 signatures each. Perry didn't have 10,000 valid signatures, so he doesn't get on the ballot. Gingrich's signatures are being checked now. He probably won't make it either. Bachmann, Santorum, and Huntsman didn't even submit petitions. I guess we know who's serious about continuing their campaigns, who has the organization, and who has already given up.

Now allow me this moment of schadenfreude.

Above originally posted as Opposition research and schadenfreude on Daily Kos.

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