Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rachel Maddow on the Emergency Manager Law

I'll let Michigan Rising, formerly Recall Rick Snyder, describe this for me.
Democracy discarded in Michigan in 2011

Rachel Maddow looks back on 2011's most politically radical development, the complete negation of democracy by Michigan governor Rick Snyder who replaced local governments with appointed "emergency managers."
Remember what I wrote back in April? "The solutions devised here will be exported, including the bad ones."
Whatever Detroit devises as the solutions for North America's problems will be exported to the rest of the continent.
This includes the bad ideas--and does Michigan (not Detroit, but Detroit Public Schools have been where the idea has undergone proof of concept) ever have a bad idea for you.
This is why what happens here matters, and why good ideas that start here have to be encouraged and bad ideas that start here have to be opposed. Both kinds of ideas will spread, and any bad idea that takes root here could be very dangerous.
Michigan Forward has an entire page devoted to the opposition to the Emergency Financial Manager Law (Public Act 4), including a list of links to sign up volunteers and find places to sign the petition to get the repeal on the ballot.

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