Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tea Party Patriots founder Mark Meckler arrested

From Gawker, filed under Crazies.

Tea Party Founder Walks Into Airport, Presents Gun, Is Arrested

He was arrested at the Delta counter in La Guardia Airport for not having a New York gun license to go with his gun. What Gawker doesn't say, but CBS does, is that he was taking that gun to Detroit. Am I ever glad he didn't get here!

Also, when he was released, he ran away from reporters into a street so dangerous it's called the "Boulevard of Death." Watch the video at the Raw Story link; it looks even worse than the description. So much for his spinning this episode into making a principled stand on behalf of the Second Amendment!

ETA: If you want to read more about Meckler and his organization, read Fiction vs. Fact for the Tea Party Patriots. It's quite enlightening.

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