Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ten American Dystopias from io9

In the very first post, I promised "digressions about post-apocalyptic science fiction." Aside from throwing brickbats at Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism, I haven't commented much on science fiction lately. Time to take advantage of a gift from io9 to correct this oversight:

10 Great American Dystopias
In a country whose ideal of success is often called "the American dream," there are plenty of nightmares too. The United States has its own particular brand of dystopia, full of religious thuggery, class warfare, and the spectre of slavery. Here are ten of the greatest dystopian stories ever created about America.
Seven of these are truly post-apocalyptic fiction, but the first two (Neuromancer and Gamer) on the list of them are merely dystopic, and one (Gattaca) portrays what happens when things go horribly right. All of them, however, are futures to be avoided.


  1. Many consider the world I propose to be a dystopia.

    1. One of these days, I promise to blog about you and your vision. Not today.