Friday, October 19, 2012

Next Media Animation on Detroit Tigers in the World Series

I couldn't resist this video: World Series 2012: A-Rod, Yankees out, Detroit Tigers in.

he Detroit Tigers are in the 2012 World Series! The Tigers swept A-Rod and the New York Yankees in the 2012 American League Championship Series after entering the postseason tied with the St. Louis Cardinals for the worst record among the eight playoff teams.
Detroit started the season with high expectations after signing free agent slugger Prince Fielder and were 26-32 in early June. But the Tigers kept at it and edged past the pesky Chicago White Sox to win the American League Central by three games.

The Tigers eliminated the red hot Oakland A's in five games in the American League Divisional Series before completely shutting down the Yankees in the ALCS. Detroit will play either St. Louis or the San Francisco Giants in the 2012 World Series.
Here's what I wrote in the first comment on the video.
Actually, the Tigers eliminated Oakland in three games. The playoff series could have gone five, but the Tigers swept the A's, just like they did the Yankees. [My memory failed me; the series went five games.  Derp.]  As for their winning the World Series, that depends on who they play. I'm rooting for them to face the Giants. As a Californian living in Detroit, that would make it more interesting for me.
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a Giants-Tigers World Series will happen. The Huffington Post reports Cardinals beat Giants 8-3 to take 3-1 lead in NLCS. One more Cardinal win and they're in.

That written, I'm not predicting the winner of the World Series just yet. I've learned not to tempt Oliver's Woofing Theorem.
Oliver's Woofing Theorem states, in a nutshell, that in any given athletic competition (team, individual, amatuer, professional), the team/player who is the most over-hyped/over-praised by his/her/its fans/supporters is doomed to LOSE the competition. For example, if immediately preceding a game between the Seattle Mariners and the Toronto Blue Jays, two Blue Jay's fans state that "Toronto will kick ass", while only one Seattle fan makes a similar claim, then Seattle is guaranteed a win by the ubiquitious and omnipresent Gods of Woofing.
That's why I've been generally quiet about the Tigers during the playoffs so far.

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