Friday, November 9, 2012 articles on the election results, part 3

I made this program note in the conclusion to part 2 of the series.
As for what's still left to write, I think I'll work on the Michigan Supreme Court and the educational governing boards next.
Here's the first of the articles I wanted to work on last night.

University of Michigan law professor Bridget Mary McCormack won a term on the Michigan Supreme Court Tuesday.
Credit: McCormack's campaign website
McCormack, Markman, Zahra elected to Michigan Supreme Court
Ann Arbor's own candidate for Michigan Supreme Court, University of Michigan professor Bridget Mary McCormack, led all candidates in a crowded field to earn a seat on the bench for the next eight years.

Michigan's voters were not as kind to the rest of the women running for Michigan's highest court. All four lost as incumbents Stephen Markman and Brian Zahra won re-election.

The election of McCormack and the return of Markman and Zahra mean that Republican appointees and nominees will retain their 4-3 advantage on the court for at least the next two years.
Lots of numbers, including a comparison of the statewide vote vs. that in Washtenaw County, plus the acceptance announcements of McCormack and Zahra, at the link in the headline.

I'm still planning on writing about the state educational boards tonight. I also have material for the local community college boards. Those will be the ones I'll count as "newsworthy" for After that, I'll see about a comparison between Washtenaw County and the rest of the state. Half of my work has already been done for me over at Thank you, Ryan Stanton. Other projects will include an analysis of minor party candidates and the effects of redistricting on the relative effectiveness of Democrats and Republicans getting elected. All of those will count as "evergreen." They should be just as interesting until the next election as they are today.

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