Monday, November 12, 2012

Former Mayor Janice Daniels should have recycled those signs

A week ago, this photo hit Facebook and went viral.

As Troy Patch explains, it shows now former Mayor of Troy Janice Daniels and her ally Minesh Baxi accompanying a Kroger employee who is disposing of some lawn signs urging yes on her recall. That was a mistake on multiple counts on her part. While the person who is actually disposing of the signs is an agent of the property owner, who is the person who actually has the right to remove campaign signs from the property, this photo makes it look like Daniels herself is getting rid of them. That makes her appear no better than the Plymouth Township Supervisor in this video.*

Township supervisor caught removing campaign signs

As the video quotes the Plymouth Township Clerk, only the property owner or the candidate (or an agent acting on their behalf) are allowed to remove the signs. That Daniels herself got involved indicated bad judgment.

The other thing wrong was that the signs probably went into the dumpster. Instead, they should have been recycled--in Troy! WXYZ has the good news.

Sign-A-Rama in Troy is offering to recycle any old campaign yard signs. All you have to do is drop them off.
Good. I have 14 lawn signs from this election, plus one from 2010, and only one of them will be used in two years. I know where I'm taking them.

As for Daniels, the same day the photo above appeared, Jeff Wattrick over at Deadline Detroit declared her to be Metro Detroit's worst politician. Given the competition, that's saying something!

The next day, she faced the recall.

She lost. The preliminary results read Troy Mayor Janice Daniels was recalled by a 52 percent vote. The final results came with more detail.

RECALLED: Troy Mayor Janice Daniels Voted Out of Office
A majority of Troy residents voted to remove embattled Troy Mayor Janice Daniels from office Tuesday.
By Jen Anesi
The people of Troy voted 52 percent to 48 percent to recall Mayor Janice Daniels on Tuesday.

The votes were 20,763 to 18,993, according to unofficial results from the Oakland County Clerk, with all precincts reporting.
"I'm elated, over the moon," Recall Janice Daniels co-founder John Kulesz said as recall volunteers celebrated into the night at Joe Kool's in Troy. "It's amazing to do something that the majority of the people of Troy responded to in such a positive way."

“We’re so happy that the people of Troy have realized that Janice is not the best person to represent them, and that Troy can and will do better," Recall Janice Daniels co-founder Matt Binkowski said.
I'm thrilled, too. That should come as no suprise, as I thought that she might be trouble when she was elected, pointed out that she had made herself a textbook example of someone vulnerable to a scandal, and cheered on the recall, twice. With Daniels' political career in the trash, it's crab won ton time for the rest of us!

*Despite this incident, Reaume won re-election, while White lost.

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