Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day from metro Detroit plus National Wildlife Day!

Happy Labor Day!  For today's holiday observance, I'm continuing the tradition of the past two years of sharing what metro Detroit is doing to celebrate the holiday, as shown by WXYZ.  I begin with an overview of the holiday weekend -- Labor Day weekend ushers in multiple events in metro Detroit.

The Labor Day weekend is rushing in a number of major events to the metro Detroit area. If youre looking for food, music, or a combination of the two 7 Action News has you covered! Ford Arts, Beats & Eats Friday is the first day for the annual Ford Arts, Beats & Eats in Royal Oak. Originally a staple in Pontiac, the festival moved to Royal Oak in 2009 and has taken off as a celebration of artists, musicians and food exhibits from throughout Metro Detroit. This year the festivities will run from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. Friday through Sunday. The final day will kickoff at the same time, but wrap up at 9:30 p.m.
WXYZ posted a lot of videos about Arts, Beats & Eats, but I'm going to focus on a different event, 2017 Michigan State Fair to be held in Novi over Labor Day weekend

Huge crowds will gather at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi over the Labor day weekend to take in the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of the 2017 Michigan State Fair.
I bet Jennifer Ann Wilson won't forget that experience any time soon!

I chose the State Fair because I was hoping for a report including farm animals.  No such luck.  Too bad, as it would have made a good transition to National Wildlife Day.  Remember, I promised yesterday that I'd post a combination Labor Day/Wildlife Day entry for today.  Follow over the jump for more on this day.

Happy National Wildlife Day!  I'll let National Day Calendar explain the holiday, which is not as famous as World Wildlife Day, observed on March 3rd.*
National Wildlife Day is observed annually on September 4th. 

National Wildlife Day is an opportunity to learn more about endangered species, preservation and conservation efforts around the world.  Zoos, aviaries, and marine sanctuaries provide a variety of ways to get involved.  From participating in presentations and volunteering to fundraise for rehabilitation services, these facilities have something for everyone to learn. 


Use #NationalWildlifeDay to post on social media.


Colleen Paige, the Pet Lifestyle Expert, and author founded National Wildlife Day in 2005 in memory of wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin.  The day serves to bring global awareness and education concerning the number of endangered animals and the need for conservation and preservation.
Top Historical Events has more detail in Wildlife Day Observed On 4Th September Significance- History.  Just ignore the computer voice.

I plan on adding this to my list of holidays to observe annually at this blog.

*I accidentally observed World Wildlife Day this year by posting More evolution in action among urban animals, although I suspect Newsy posting the video that day had at least some intention of marking the occasion.  In that entry, I embedded a video about urban coyotes in Michigan.  I am doing that again, as I saw a coyote less than half a mile from my house yesterday.  I knew they were here as I heard them in the evenings, but I never thought I'd see one during the day!  Here is the four-year-old video I posted on Facebook when I told my friends about it -- Coyote sightings.

Coyote sightings in Farmington Hills.

Farmington Hills is literally across the street from my house and the coyote was across the street from Farmington Hills when I saw it, so none of this should have come as a surprise.  Still, I'm watching my dogs a lot more closely when I let them out.