Friday, July 8, 2022

NBC News reports 'IRS Audits Of James Comey And Andrew McCabe Under Investigation'

Another story caught my interest before I posted PBS Terra's 'Weathered' explains 'How Hurricane History Has Hidden What's Coming', but I decided to wait for more information as it developed. NBC News rewarded my patience today by reporting IRS Audits Of James Comey And Andrew McCabe Under Investigation.

The IRS is launching a watchdog investigation into two of former President Trump’s well-known foes James Comey and Andrew McCabe after they found themselves under a rare IRS audit. NBC News’ Maura Barrett reports on how questions are being raised about whether the audits were politically motivated.
This story reminds me of a couple of quips about The Former Guy. First, he is worse than Nixon, a sentiment attributed to John Dean and Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, although none of the three said it exactly like that; the headline writers appear to have come up with the phrase. That written, using the IRS to harass perceived political enemies, if that's what actually happened and this isn't just an incredibly unlikely coincidence, is certainly Nixonioan. Second, TFG calling Comey and McCabe traitors only works if, as Roger Cohen of the New York Times wrote, "L'├ętat, C'est Trump." TFG acts as if he thinks he's the state, if not the country, and offenses against him are offenses against the U.S.A. He's no longer President, but, as I wrote in PBS NewsHour and FiveThirtyEight examine the end of the Supreme Court term, "The damage from his maladministration continues, a year and a half after he left office."

NBC News included a clip of McCabe from CNN's 'It defies belief': McCabe reacts to IRS audit. Watch the entire interview followed by one of former IRS Chief John A. Koskinen, who NBC News also showed.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said an investigation should be launched into how he and former FBI Director James Comey were both selected by the Internal Revenue Service for an intensive tax audit. The IRS denied any "politically motivated audits" in a statement to CNN.
Both McCabe and Koskinen think this situation is unusual and deserving of investigation. Both got their wish, as Chris Hayes on MSNBC reported Inspector General To Investigate Unusual Audits Of Trump Enemies.

“Because of Donald Trump’s continued harping on these two individuals, it’s hard on the face of it to simply accept that this is random,” says the New York Times’ Michael Schmidt on the IRS audits of James Comey and Andrew McCabe.
Here's to finding out and, if a crime actually happened, the people responsible being held to account.

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