Monday, July 4, 2022

Drink to a drum corps 4th of July with the 1988 Velvet Knights

Happy 4th of July! I closed PBS NewsHour and FiveThirtyEight examine the end of the Supreme Court term by asking my readers to "stay tuned for July 4th. Will the theme be drum corps or theme parks? Come back to find out!" I decided to try to do both in consecutive posts, drum corps first. Watch and listen to a funny patriotic moment as George Washington, Lady Liberty & Betsy Ross join the ’88 Velvet Knights’ kick line from Drum Corps International.

The patriotic closing number to the 1988 Velvet Knights' "Magical Mystery Tour - Part II," complete with the Southern California corps' trademark zaniness.
I promised entertainment today to make up for the serious post yesterday, and the Velvet Knights, who I've never mentioned before on this blog, delivered.

For some more holiday silliness, I'm sharing Tipsy Bartender's Firecracker Margarita.

Triple Sec
Margarita Mix
Blue Curacao
Island Punch Pucker
Pop Rocks
Drink responsibly and stay tuned for the second part of today's celebration — theme parks!

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