Sunday, July 10, 2022

Decolonization bill introduced for Puerto Rico on Piña Colada Day 2022

Happy Piña Colada Day when I update the prospects for Puerto Rican statehood! NBC News has the latest news on the possibility of Puerto Rico becoming the 51st or 52nd state, beginning with House Democrats Introduce Draft Proposal To Start Decolonizing Puerto Rico.

House Democrats introduced a draft proposal called the Puerto Rico Status Act which would allow Puerto Ricans to vote on the island's political status. If passed, the bill would hold Congress to any binding result that Puerto Ricans move forward, including U.S. statehood.
NBC News then went to the island for De-Colonization Debate Heats Up In Puerto Rico.

If passed, a historic new bill drafted by House Democrats would allow Puerto Ricans to choose in a vote between statehood, independence, or sovereignty with free association. NBC News’ Isa Gutiérrez speaks with Puerto Ricans about what political status is best for the island.
I have a standard rant about Republican opposition to Puerto Rican statehood.
Jenniffer González-Colón made what should be convincing arguments for Republicans to support statehood for Puerto Rico. First, Republican Presidents from Eisenhower to the younger Bush supported it. Second, it's been in the Republican platform since the 1960s. It's still in the Republican platform, since The Republican National Committee's Executive Committee voted on June 10, 2020, to adopt the same platform the party used in 2016, which had Puerto Rico statehood as one of its planks. Third, the island isn't a lock for Democrats, as González-Colón considers herself a Republican and caucuses with them in Congress.

On paper, admitting Puerto Rico as a counterweight to Washington, D.C. looks like it might work. The problem is that the Republican Party has become Trump's party and the former guy dislikes Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans enough that he reportedly wanted to swap the island commonwealth for Greenland.* As long as he's the party leader, his prejudices and those of his followers will stand in the way of statehood.
I have a bad feeling that if the Republicans in Washington D.C. continue to block statehood, sentiment might switch over to free association or outright independence. That would be not be my preferred outcome, but if it's what Puerto Ricans want, then I'll support it, while still being upset at Republicans for making it happen.
It's enough to drive one to drink.

Speaking of which, follow over the jump to watch today's recipe video for the national drink of Puerto Rico.

Enjoy How to Cocktail: Piña Coladas from America's Test Kitchen.

Did you know that Piña Coladas are the official drink of Puerto Rico? Learn how to make a tropical homemade cocktail with Lawman.
I found the video balanced education and entertainment well, enough to make today's entry qualify for the Sunday entertainment feature.

Stay tuned for two more holidays, Mojito Day and World Population Day.

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