Wednesday, July 13, 2022

MSNBC on the 'Unhinged' Meeting Leading To January 6th Riot

I haven't blogged about the January 6th Committee hearings since Colbert covers the fourth televised January 6th Committee hearing, but they have been going on in the meantime, including a hearing yesterday. My favorite late-night talk-show hosts are on vacation, so I'm turning to MSNBC for analysis. I begin with Lawrence [O'Donnell] On The ‘Unhinged’ Meeting Leading To January 6th Riot to provide a summary with analysis.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explains what we learned from the seventh public hearing held by the January 6th Committee which revealed new details about an Oval Office showdown that preceded the Capitol riot.
The worst part isn't the "unhinged" nature of the meeting, although calling it the craziest meeting in the history of the Trump White House is certainly saying something, but the result, which was to call for a mob to storm the Capitol as the final act of the attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

Most of the rest of MSNBC's late-afternoon and evening hosts discussed yesterday's hearing in a panel that addressed both the meeting and its outcome, beginning with Trump's Embrace Of Foolish Election Schemes A Failure By 'Adults In The Room'.

Rachel Maddow and an MSNBC panel talk about the fight by Donald Trump's White House staff to keep people with crazy ideas about overturning his 2020 election loss away from Trump. A fight they would lose.
That was about the meeting. Now for the resulting decision in Right-Wing Militias Were A Ready Weapon For Trump On January 6th, where Ari Melber replaces Chris Hayes.

Alex Wagner talks about the level of preparation by right-wing militia groups ahead of January 6th, and the noteworthiness of even rival factions coming together for Trump's cause.
MSNBC and CNN both had more to say about the members of the mob and how the former guy called them to Washington, D.C. I plan on getting to those in a later post. Stay tuned.

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